Elephant Village

Description :
The Elephant Village provides then magnificent creatures with a safe haven, where they may live out their lives with dignity and freedom from fear. A visit to the Elephant Village is not only unique experience, but it is also a lifesaver because the fees paid by our visitors contribute to, the very survival of the elephants, both now and in the future,

The Elephant Village is a private company, which is run on a non?profit making basis and after running expenses have been deducted, all of the proceeds go to feed, pay the medical bills and generally take care of the elephants. It receives neither government support nor sponsorship from any large company or international organization

This tour takes you to the elephant round-up at the Elephant Village that is literally a large gathering of herds of elephants. These gigantic beasts have long been the backbone of heavy work in the jungles of Thailand. The thrilling event includes spectacular demonstrations of elephant capture; the daily life of elephants and their masters; elephants being trained, worked and fed; elephant riding and an ancient war, elephant dressed for your photograph.

A well known place for lovers of elephants and nature! The first of its kind and one of the very few places where elephants are kept in their natural environment.

Enjoy the exciting elephant instruction show – every day at 14:30 hrs.

Tour name :
Elephant Village Pattaya
Palace :
Price :
1,350/- Thb Adult, 1,200/- Thb Child
Pick Up Time :
09.15 hrs or 14.30 hrs
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